Tuesday, May 22, 2012

zzz...zzz... NO Z

i hate when you finally get a nap and then get woken up prematurely, mid REM sleep and jump up all confused and turn into a total bitch for the rest of the day and only want vodka for dinner.

wait, what are we talking about?
who would even say something like that?

Friday, May 18, 2012

thumb twiddling and other break-time activities

i'm still here.
i know i have been missing since, oh well, maybe last summer for various reasons. lately i have no real excuse so here i am STARING at my computer screen, willing myself to document something marginally interesting.
except i've got nothing.

it's one of those days when nothing extremely pressing needs to happen. sure i could be making insurance phone calls or working on billing people who think i agreed to work for free, but i don't really want to ruin the upcoming weekend.
the house is (relatively) clean, the kids are napping (for now) and i am on break from school- the seemingly endless emails about grades received have even stopped.

so what's a girl to do?
i could be constructive- pinterest has gorgeousness abound to try. nah. too much work to pick something, and drag the crazies into a public that has recently sparked tantrums and grumpiness just for supplies. i am exhausted just thinking about it.
i could relax outside for 30 minutes and get a little sun. nah. a bathing suit on this frame will make me feel ill today. in other news, i think i need a detox again.
i could cook something. my stomach is actually growling and i have a stocked kitchen. nah. too much work.

soooo here i am rambling about how i've got nothing to ramble about. this may be an all-time blogging low. hey thanks for reading!
no really, i'm good with this. it is foreign, but welcome.

my husband will even be home SOON and actually gets a week off before summer school. and even if we can't play all fifty shades of grey with the kids orbiting all day long, i am sure we'll get some fun outings accomplished. i mean tomorrow is chicken slaughter day at the farm where we get our poultry. woo hoo- that has excitement written all over it.
so anyway, enough for now. try to contain yourself until the next installment of this crazy blog.
if you have any ideas to make me shake soome of my lame-ness, feel free to send them my way!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ten On Ten: May 2012: The Why Even Bother Edition

today is most definitely not the tenth. nor the eleventh or twelth. but the tenth WAS my birthday and a grand day for taking photos. and i did. so here we go, a solid four days later with ten on ten: a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of the month. and i think i'll be hooking up with a bit of sunshine... if they'll have such a slacker.
in my defense, i was out of town again until last night- and it was glorious even though i missed my kiddos and spent mother's day with 80 junior high kids. i take what i can get you know!

and yeah- there are only nine... the last one is giving me upload issues so i give up. happy week after my birthday and mother's day all!