Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why on Earth did we ever think it was a good idea to put our two kids to sleep in the same room?? We have a three bedroom house! Selfish us wanted to keep our guest room/office cause the "kids wouldn't mind" the same room while they are young......
Three nights in and we are still working on bedtime- baby nursed to sleep and I put her in her crib. Que my three year old who thinks it is funny to scream and jump into his bed and then sing his bedtime songs out loud.
On that note- why why why why do they NOT listen when you correct them 8 zillion times? Nolan please be quiet- Nolan let's whisper- Nolan don't scream- Nolan we are being careful not to wake baby sister- on and on and on but still he is l.o.u.d. In fact, his volume is directly proportional to the baby's state of sleepiness.
So of course she wakes up (never mind that she has pooped he diaper and it is good that she woke up so I know to change her) and I try to shoosh her back to sleep. As soon as she is there- out comes a new outburst from big brother who has to go to the bathroom and poof, back awake. A few minutes later, they are both back in bed and I am walking downstairs when Nolan begins YELLING my name and therefore Aila is awake again crying- it seems that the jungle soother on her crib has stopped.....
and here we go again.
In comes daddy to the rescue and i am just the crazy mom who can't seem to deal- so I type. Hopefully everyone stays in bed and this is a fluke thing. Honestyly the last two nights were fine so maybe I am being hasty searching online for four bedroom homes so we can keep our stinking office AND give the kids each their own room :) Sweet dreams-

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy New Year! Like everyone else, I cannot believe that we have already hit January.... I tend to mark my years beginning in September with "back to school" time so it is appropriate for me to say 'already' January. Predictable to a fault, I had grand plans to jump on the resolution bandwagon and eat better, exercise more, pray more, be more patient, less stressed etc. but today I had to sit back and re-evaluate. That is a lot of stuff to consider and lets be honest- trying to do better, be better is not going to help the less stressed/happier me that is really the ultimate goal of a new years resolution, right?? We resolve to change to be better, but in resolving to change, aren't we resolving to strive for perfection-- unfortunately I have always held that drive for perfection to be my WORST QUALITY. It makes me crazy, irritable and never satisfied!!Today I told my husband (after whining about stupid things I wish were different) "honestly though, we have it pretty good, right?" Maybe I just need to back off and be grateful and try NOT to manage life- it is a gift and I should accept it thankfully like all the other gifts I just received. I am sure that me being me, I will have to try to improve things just a little but I officially repeal my previous resolutions for perfection. This year my resolution is NOT to be better- it is to be less better and to love it :)