Sunday, January 27, 2013

where every day is a holiday

mom- can we go to the city?
she asks me nearly every day. and by "city", she means the city museum in downtown stl. i can't blame her really- it is pretty rad. we went last month and i am just now getting around to posting.

i'd like to go the city today too

Thursday, January 24, 2013

gorillas in the mist

earlier hinted at blissful january hike day!!! it started raining about an hour in and we just kept going since we were already wet.
you hear that, bear grylls? we are survivors!
unfortunately at about hour two, N pulled me down a rock and i had a major crash/camera breaking mope-fest. mostly because we were at the most beautiful place of the entire hike.
mist rising off the creek, gorgeous waterfall and fractured plastic camera pieces... thankful once again for that new camera at christmas (which i almost took with us and if i had broken that one, you might as well have left me in a ravine). can't wait to go back!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

so where were we??

hmmm so many crazy things, so little time to document. i believe that everyone i know has enough material for very valid reality shows. it's all about selling the story though.
add some boobs and catfights- marketable.
add some backwoods style with a side of ketchup and spaghetti- marketable.
spotlight an exhausted, woe-is-me momma and it is just not prett- not marketable.
but alas i am still here and i will attempt to put this life down on a website for 12 people to read, mostly because my mom (love you mom) won't stop bugging me about a new post ;)
so here we are.

it has been... awhile.
in fact, i need to go back and look at what i last blogged about- please standby.

ah Christmas- duh.
okay so here we are in 2013. this is going to be the year that i get it together again. since my first blog post is 19 days in already, i guess i need to step it up. i thought the first post would be on the 10th for ten on ten, but i forgot until about 3 PM- i pulled out the camera and took a few shots and then i got distracted trying to prep 15 chapters of anatomy and physiology lecture and instead, gave up and took rum shots instead. i actually didn't, but i wanted to.

and then that week was done. break was done and i went back to school. this week has been reallysupercrazyfast and while i truly love teaching, i really loathe 5 am. and i loathe commuting after waking at 5 am even more- dangerous i tell you. i fell asleep sitting in my car in the parking lot when i got to school on tuesday. heat blasting. radio blaring. a full five minutes before i started myself awake and plunged into the cold winter air to wake my ass up so that i could change people lives with information about how their scent smelling cells (aka olfactory hairs/receptors on olfactory epithelial cells in the olfactory mucosa of the superior nasal cavity) are actually neurons that depolarize and directly transmit action potentials into the central nervous sysem... life changing, i tell you.
and then i raced home to see patients because some marketing genius who has blond hair, female parts and a name that starts with a 'j' thought january would be a good time for a back to health promotion and therefore a completely full schedule in the midst of getting back into school routine as well. but blessings abound my friends, i really am thankful for all the business/busy-ness. i am just very overwhelmed.

since i last checked in, we have had about 1,402 sibling fights, 1 snow storm, 1 amazing hiking day (in january!!), a few park afternoons (in january!!), a game night with friends, good food, and many many good intentions. i have had a handful of nervous breakdowns as is the custom for this time of year, as i don't get paid in january as an adjunct evil purple-haired stepchild of the higher education system and there was a weensy too much purchased christmas cheer. but overall- we are still kicking. and lovin'. i think 2013 is going to be just fine.