Saturday, November 17, 2012

still thankful, just not conventionally so

I stepped away for a bit. That little life thing is still a bit busy. I haven't been very good about the November blessing thing. Facebook is all a flutter with things to be thankful for and I haven't been doing it except for in my head. I think the first two weeks are a given anyway, right?
I am thankful for my spouse, my kids, my parents, my friends, my house, etc.etc.
But now let's get real and give it some thought. I am thankful for many many things and today? Today it is Naptime. (it's so important, it gets classified as a proper noun here)

I just want to sing the word falsetto voice.
For all parties. Me. Them.
Even fake naptime when N stretches across his sheets and sings songs to himself for an hour. It is usually punctuated with 4-5 trips back downstairs to tell me that he A) hurt his leg while "napping" B) can't stop coughing even though he hadn't coughed all day or C) All of the above and that he doesn't want me to take Madagascar 3 back to the Redbox today. Even then. Because mommas ALWAYS need a break- if momma says she doesn't, it is because she is drunk at 2 pm.

Thank you Lord for naptime. When else would I shower and blog?

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