Friday, May 23, 2014

pull the fluffy covers up to your chin

every morning, N growls at me, snarls and yells. pulls the covers over his head and declares his undying hatred for school (the same school he happily skips to once we leave the house). he is a BEAR in the morning. i am too- it is not a pretty confrontation. every morning i struggle at 7 to spring them from sleep and into the day.

hell no.
go. back. to bed.

it was 6 freaking am. i was in and out having woken at 5:15 to nurse S- basically just waiting to shut off my 6:15 alarm. i was getting up to shower and have a few minutes of me time before the daily madness. except they beat me to the alarm! both of them clopping down the stairs at 6 am- awake and chipper.

welcome to summer.

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