Tuesday, November 29, 2011

it's been awhile blogger but i haven't been resting

i am still alive.
if anyone ever asks you to put your home on a Christmas tour, just turn around and run away laughing maniacally.
or you could appreciate a challenge and say yes. you will still be laughing maniacally, only it will be 4:00 am and you will be covered in pine sap and glitter, driven purely by caffeine and determination. you may or may not hem all of the curtains on your ground floor the night before the house shows and you certainly will not be able to afford groceries for two weeks. white lights and pine cones are expensive!
i went with option two.

let me point out quickly that i have a very normal house.

she (my house is a girl) is not huge or new.
in fact, she is almost 100 years old.
she is storied and lived in. and she needs work like most old things.
we in contrast are quite young. and we have kids. that means that at least some of our furniture is broken, some of our carpet is stained and all of our bank accounts are an eensy bit strapped.
when they asked me to be on the tour, i asked if they knew where we lived.

they did. our house is old and storied, remember? historical, if you will.

anyway- that was a big digression. the point is that me and my house have a complex. we feel a little self-conscious around all these huge, new and beautiful homes and we didn't want to be the "crap" house on the tour so i got all stressed.
i think we did pretty good though. here are just a few pictures of a few rooms. we currently have five trees up though one is teetering on the brink of toddler destruction.

the pictures don't do her justice. they really don't, but i think you'll agree that the old girl cleaned up pretty nicely ;)
for an old broken down home with a young and broke family...

It was an exhausting weekend.
But it was good.

Hanging out in the bathroom around hour 4...

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