Friday, December 2, 2011

pass the cuppa

it is really early. i hate early.
although i must say that the quiet is nice! as are the Christmas trees and decorations- that is the best part about having done that home tour- the house is now lovely for the season and it is just barely December.
after today, there is ONE more week of classes before finals and it can not come soon enough. this semester has been terribly hard. i made a mistake in taking on that many hours- my teaching has suffered, my organization skills tanked and my children have grown four months worth without my being able to enjoy it because i was so caught up in getting through this madness.
oh well. live and learn.
nex semester will be different- i am going back to my old "happy" schedule and though the pay will be less, so will the commute, the stress and the wishing. back to two whole days of snuggles and giggles per week and back to knowing what class i am lecturing in. i am excited.
and back to blogging. i have been so absent with nothing to talk about except for home tours and biology. that is not a blog i'd like to read (or write actually).

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