Sunday, September 2, 2012

you gotta take the good with the bad

one thing i never sat back to consider before the big N went off to his big school... that A and i will have two entire days together each week... alone.
she never got that official 'one on one' that the big man got until now and she is already SOAKING up the mommy and me time. i am so excited for some girlie time like we shared last friday night at turtle sculpture park while the boys went to a cardinals game.

you MIGHT notice that she looks wet. let me assure you that she is not... she is completely drenched after upending an entire 'leakproof' bottle of water into her lap. unfortunately since she is beyond the breastmilk poop out the top of the onsie explosion stage, i did not have a change of clothes with me.
i also didn't have an extra diaper- i am a rebel like that.

actually, i was out of disposables and didn't feel like taking cloth with me so i planned to head to target immediately after this little stop off.
anyway, i thought i'd let her run around awhile and dry off but at first she was not so keen on the giant leering turtles and mostly just clung to my leg like a soaked little starfish.

eventually though...

Mommy time is the best!
i was just getting ready to gather her up for the trip to target for a whole new outfit in addition to diapers when this happened:

very funny little wet one. way to POOP in your already soggy and demolished diaper.
very funny.

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