Wednesday, December 15, 2010

??why oh why??

why does madness attract madness?? i know that "the secret" is that whatever energy you put out into the universe is likewise returned to you. i.e think that you will be successful and you will be successful. i once heard someone say that the people that believe that they will be successful will go out and do whats needed to be successful and not just sit around and wait for it- i have to agree.
but what about things breaking/getting ruined? why do things BREAK all at the same time. is it because we think that other things are going to break once something kicks the bucket and therefore we put that idea into the universe.
regardless- you know this happens! this weekend i sat in my dining room chair and it collapsed.... insert snide fat comment here.... actually they are apparently cheap chairs and all four of them need repaired. my chair just happened to be the one that went first. unfortunately we were just discussing how we wished we could afford some new bedroom furniture- that is definitely not going to happen now that we need new chairs! you have to have chairs :( last week my husband had a flat tire but we didn't have time to take it in to get repaired so he had the spare on it. well- yesterday he got another flat tire so now one half his car is flat! keep is mind that we never drive his car other than him taking it to work- unfortunately, the tires cannot be repaired because the tread is too thin. now we must purchase FOUR new tires right before christmas/property taxes/license plate renewal/etc. finallly the output pipe on the washer froze in this cold weather because our laundry room has no insulation- water was backing up out of the washer all over the floor. thankfully my husband was here to come to the rescue but because he was in the midst of cleanup, he threw all my non-dryable clothes in the dryer...... ladies you know how this turned out. i am now down a pair of jeans, two pairs of sweatpants, two shirts and a brand new sweater :( 
please make it stop!!! why is this happening? i shouldn't have bad karma (unless this is because of accidentally walking out of target without paying for the coke awhile back) i don't want things to break and i was not worried about breakage (shrinkage) before it happened, so did the universe do this? i think NOT- there universe, i think that you are not controlling the breakage....what i mean is please universe don't let anything else break!

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11 KB said...

I broke the handrail off the wall while attempting to jump over the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs...the next morning I find a leak in the gas line into our stove. When it rains, it pours.