Friday, December 3, 2010

'Tis the Season

Aaaahhhhh the weekend! A time to rest and play.... more like a time to cram in all the housework that you didn't get have time for this week and fold and put away the laundry that has been piling up outside the dryer- hey at least it's clean :) Nevertheless, I do love my weekends! It is so nice to be able to tag team the kids with my husband and stay in our jammies until lunch, at least on Saturday. This time of year, though weekends are dangerous- too cold to play outside much- an approaching major holiday- stores are calling my name! As you moms know, a day shopping can tear up a paycheck pretty darn fast. Besides gift purchases, there are snacks and drinks to be bought if you are not packed and prepared, lunches out, and impulse buying because that darn santa hat will be the perfect 8 month-old photo op! I offer no advice- if you are a mom, you have a system that works for you and who am I to act like a parenting expert?? I say good luck! Enjoy your families, the madness and maybe even a calorie and preservative-laden mall pretzel. Oh yeah, and I hope you find some bargains!!!

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