Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sugar Monsters

I LOVE Christmas! The while season just swallows me up. My halls are sufficiently decked, we have hosted a party with another to come, gifts are bought and wrapped and baking is DONE! In general I don't bake but this year I have gone to the dark side :) The last few days were spent in the kitchen. My baby was underfoot the entire time picking up crumbs of who knows what nastiness and stuffing them into her little mouth.... Up to this point she has only had a few fruits and vegetables, her cereal and some egg yolk but after yesterday, you can add cookie bits, artificially flavored sprinkles and brownie dough :( She was just so fast- every tiny particle went onto her mouth and after awhile I stopped going in after them. I would turn and see her tiny little mouth chomping up and down with a sly little grin- oh well I guess. My 3 year old popped in and out all day stealing cookies from the baking rack and being generally "helpful" with the mixing and stirring. With two small children, each dozen cookies is a triumph in itself, so I give myself a big pat on the back for this one. And after arguing with my sugar induced maniac of a son and stepping over the particle thief all week, I am pretty darn tired.

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