Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday Style: A's April

Ahhhhhhh. Birthdays. Those rare days where cake is appropriate at any hour. I Love Birthdays. I love your Birthday and mine, his and hers. I don't discriminate. My girlfriends and I used to celebrate Birthday WEEK in college so I'm gonna stretch it out even more and say that my stinker A deserved a whole month of Birthday. Even though we didn't technically do that, it would excuse the lack of Birthday posts in a timely fashion. Since I seem to be behind on everything these days, please excuse--- maybe have a piece of cake or something. Cake always helps :)

Our Birthday girl got momma all to herself because big brother had playdate and she was pretty excited. We got her dressed in her pink tutu skirt (from her FIRST Birthday) and bought balloons and picked out special cupcakes and took lots of pictures of our special time- and one of her two new Hello Kitty purses.

And then, because turning TWO requires TWO parties... and we were home for Easter, we had a little "Bird-day" Celebration. She is crazy about all things birdie but until recently referred to them only as beedas, which made us die with cuteness about every time.

It was a tiny tiny little party but I still had fun putting it together and eating cake balls and the chocolate-peanut butter bird nests seen below for 14 hours. Seriously- at least 14 hours. Or 15.

Our sweet girl got some great love and great gifts because we are so very blessed. And then she even got to Easter it up the next day. Not a bad Birthday run milady!

And guess what? My Birthday month starts next week ;)

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Alicia said...

She is of course adorable in every way...but those sneakers!