Monday, April 11, 2011

Magic Moments Monday- Birthday Edition

We went "home" this weekend to have A's 1st Birthday Party and it was so much fun. We held it at a Siloam Springs State Park. If it hadn't been SO windy, we would have set it up entirely outdoors near the playground, but instead we held it at the main shelter house- which is huge. It was so good to spend a few hours with family and our little monkey had alot of fun getting new toys and smashing cake.

I had fun organizing this party with lots of polka dots and monkey details- it wasn't exactly my original 'vision' but I think it turned out pretty cute for carting all the food and decor to a destination party :)

She smashed that cake like a true pro!


RaRa said...

wow! nice details! I make cakes, but fall short on carrying out a theme through all the decorations and favors! Looks like it was a fun party!

Alicia said...

ok the pic where she is sitting on the ground she looks about 2 and a half!

Ginger said...

Cutest face eva! You did a great job with the decorating too! I am debating on doing a monkey theme for my son's 2nd birthday.


Jo said...

oh thank you! there are so many cute things you can do w/ monkeys- lots of variations. i saw a CUTE sock monkey party that was all vintage looking that i would've really gotten into if she were a he :)