Thursday, June 28, 2012

art show- we're all going to the aaartshow

you know what i love? my kids. and art. and my mom.

i love many many other things too, of course, but last weekend in the midst of a whirlwind trip to my hometown and visits with rarely seen friends, nephews and sister-in-laws, we took a little foray to an arts faire.

it was hot.
and the kids were a bit crazy, A wanting out, out, out of the stroller that i had to purchase at kmart on the way there because, hello... i was not going to be chasing that little chickie all over the place and my normal and relatively expensive stroller had been run over by a car.
(by my car actually. whoops. i am impatient and couldn't spare the two seconds it would have taken to move it out from in front of the car when i moved it into the garage in the middle of a raging hail storm. i am also too impatient for punctuation and sentences of reasonable length in case you haven't noticed)
i feel compelled to whine too that i wanted to by a good stroller if i had to buy one at all and couldn't because i was on the way to the art fair and kmart's "good" strollers were all boxed up with some assembly required. i figured any assembly at all was too much to accomplish while driving my vehicle to the faire so i went with a cheapie umbrella stroller. in case you care, which you probably don't, but anyway...

it was hot.
and a bit busy, but they had beautiful art and hands-on projects and it took no time at all for N to decide he wanted to learn how to be a master potter. mom and i agreed it did look like a fun hobby, though we are likely colored by demi moore's experiences in Ghost. i mean, wow. patrick swayze and clay and eternal love is all a winning combination. there was no patrick or demi, but there was a sweet lady with lots of patience and N came out of there with a great souveneir.

after the wheel, we moved to printmaking because we are just so artistic and know about things like that. you haven't lived until you help two impatient kiddos "printmake" without getting paint all over. you also haven't lived unless you have eaten an entire bag of art faire kettlecorn. i have lived.

then, because it was hot and i am stupid, i agreed to let the kids run in the fountains. i removed their shoes and for some reason didn't think that we would have any issues. suddenly the fountain sprayed higher and caught A by surprise and one look at a wet little sister was all it took for N to start running THROUGH every spout. within 20 seconds, both were soaked to the bone with little regard to the fact that we were headed out to lunch with my grandpa.

such is life. it was hot and i love those kids.

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