Thursday, June 28, 2012

one day you'll regret this...

this time, if i refer to the balminess outside as 113 degrees, it won't be an exaggeration!
it is hotttt :/ and for those of us without a pool to park our backsides in, that means holing up in the air conditioning and letting the sibling drama unfold.
today i have come to terms with parenting observation #611- that these kids cannot keep their damn hands off of each other. i am flashing forward to car trips with preteens in all their "i'm not touching you" while pointing finger a millimeter from the other's face style glory. N carries A around the house whether she wants it or not, drops her onto pillows and couches, "steam rolls" her, pinches, pokes and claims "you're okay girl, it's fine."
and i guess he's right.
until she turns into the 5'10" model we think she's going to be and kicks his heiney.
enjoy it now N- the time is flyin'

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