Monday, August 20, 2012

think inside the bun

i'm a bit of a lunatic when it comes to feeding my kids. i tend toward the healthy- sometimes to a fault. of course we eat crap every now and then, but in general i cook from scratch and avoid anything processed. we don't really do fast food and even snacks are usually good for them. the kids are fairly brave about trying new things and eating what i give them (though you'd think every day was a struggle based on the dinner time drama as of late- but i digress).

so it makes PERFECT sense that when the pediatrician asks what types of foods N 'usually' eats, he would reply "hot dogs and corn dogs." and when she asks what he likes to do, he would answer "go to mcdonald's"... well played N.

post script:
the little liar also said that he doesn't usually brush his teeth and now sleeps on the floor because he doesn't have a bed (i DID actually break his bed frame last week but he is at least sleeping on a mattress on the floor)


Alicia said...

hahaha and you are screaming, I feed them well, I swear and she is all...sure ya do

Jo said...

i just shook my head... :)