Tuesday, August 21, 2012

we all "new" this day would come

it has arrived. my first born baby is a kindergartener...
give me a moment :(

he was SO very excited this morning, his teacher seems great and the kids were uber cute in their little uniforms. and just like that, i am fine. it was quick like band-aid removal. no tears- no mess. bam.

i have already moved on to my next source of anxiety- the first behavior report. i know he can be "difficult" so prayers, wishes and fingers quadruple crossed for that one.

so what were the official answers to the off to kindergarten official interview questions?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe work with daddy at the high school
Where do you want to live?  Here with mommy
What kind of car will you drive? A mini car
Are you going to get married? Yes
Will you have babies? Yes- a boy and a girl (named Chris and Aila), incidentally, they will also live here
What's your favorite color? Light blue and Dark red
What's your favorite food? Chinese noodles and hot dogs (damn those things)
What's your favorite thing to do? Go outside
What's your favorite TV show or movie? Mario Brothers

Enjoy the hike my most favoritest little boy!

also enjoy the TYPO in the going to school title! apparently i need a tad more education ;)baaaaahahahahahahaha

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