Friday, August 31, 2012

everything i need to know i learned in kindergarten, or in the process of sending my dude to kindergarten

i find myself on the other side of the great kindergarten switch up. i am alive. the tears were not nearly as long or ugly as i feared, but now the worry has set in.

did we do the right thing?

i have a really hard time with just making a decision and going with it. on my deathbed, i will probably wonder if my undoing was because of some random choice i made when i was 22. here's to hoping my deathbed is a long time away or i will overthink it even more.

anyway... did you know that being a parent involves a decision or three thousand? and some of those decisions are hard.

N's bday placed him in this kinder class by ten days. we wavered. we discussed. we were sure that yes, he should go. we were sure that no he was not ready. we asked. we stewed and ultimately we sent the kid to school- obviously.

here i sit 1.5 weeks later and i am still just not sure he is supposed to be there. he's got the brains, but his maturity is still stuck in 4 year old world. he really doesn't pay attention very well. really.
his teacher commented that he has "focusing issues", which sent my hackles up a little because, hello? he just started a brand new routine. he is barely five.
she also said he was a smarty and that he would probably be just fine, but i latched right on the the negative and it sits in my brain, right next to the grocery list. and right next to the thought that some teacher, some day is probably going to tell me he needs adhd meds- he is a little...  passionate. hot tempered. hyper. but he IS five...

so what's a girl to do when all you can do is wait and pray and hope?
well- she can go all crazy trying to fix things and add reading and researching.
she can discover that maybe, just maybe his behavior matches up extraordinarily well with food sensitivities, even better than i previously thought. she can decide that we are going to be a Feingold Family for awhile and just see what happens.

but most importantly, she can give a silent high five to her husband when N reports that some of his classmates got sent to the Principal's office for misbehaving and he was good all week. she should also hope that karma doesn't turn around and bite her in her additive-free ass.

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