Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'Fall Back' off the schedule

Here we are two days out of the time change and as always occurs after shifting the clocks, my kids are way messed up. It is light out earlier so my son pops out of bed at the crack of dawn (if he isn't still in the bed from his nightly sleep migration- more on that later) shouts "Mom! Can I have a snack?!" wakes up the baby and forces my bleary eyes and sleeping mind to focus on his cheery blond head. Mentally I knock him over the head with my pillow but physically I gather his warm form into my bed and try to hush the little one back to sleep. Here we are, a brand new day....
As the day goes on, we are officially flying by the seat of our pants, my little nursling becomes a grazer who sleeps during her brief feedings and doesn't want to nap. The babysitter is going to love us tomorrow because there is now no such thing as a schedule! We still have a pretty good day overall and manage to squeeze in some outside playtime even though the sun drops right after my little man's naptime.
Strangely enough, they both stay awake until the new bedtime, so why is it that when my 'alarm' calls for breakfast in the morning, it will be so stinking early again???

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