Thursday, November 18, 2010

They are totally worth it

This morning I dried my hair sitting on the bathroom floor. Not the first time of course, but then this is not college after a long night out. It was a long night actually because we are teething (but that is another matter). Anyway, I digress. I was sitting on the floor because my new little crawler is drawn to the dirtiest crevices of the house and as i was in the bathroom, she kept trying to skirt my feet and head to the toilet. So what, right? At least i got a shower today- as a mom with two little ones, that is a luxury that we don't always get.
The point is, we learn and adapt to all the little changes that having babies and toddlers and later on super star elementary athletes bring because we are mothers. As soon at that little stick turns pink, or blue or digitally changes your life, we never live life just for us anymore. Sometimes I think that is a tad overwhelming and sometimes the thought is paralyzing. In fact, I am SURE i will revisit this topic again. I can't even shut myself in the bathroom for an evening bath without my 3 year old's fingers poking under the door asking for snacks :) But really, if we step back and look at it, isn't it so worth it. Most of the little changes come on gradually enough (after the intial assault of bringing home a newborn) and we know what we need to do. When that little fuzzy head and her shining smile crawls into my lap, I might just put the blowdryer down and leave the wet hair. My one patient today probably won't mind the messy hair and it will give me five more minutes of snuggle time. They are totally worth it and maybe that is the mantra I should use when I sit down on the toilet and little fists literally pound the door shouting at me- they are totally worth it :)

Peek A Boo

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mommaschwann said...

Keep this up JJ - I love reading your thoughts every morning - Takes me back to my young mother days - when they grow up to become a mother like you or a father like your husband you'll remember just how worth it they are!