Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday was National Wine Day- it is ironic because it is also the first time I have had red wine in a LONG time. I have had an occasional glass of white here and there but I am nursing so it doesn't happen very often. Well actually what is ironic is that said wine also made me sick and thus I will not be indulging in quite a long time.... It was seriously weird- I had 2 glasses, not 10- and that thought was in my head the entire time that I was puking in the bathroom. Anyway, I was baffled and not a little embarrassed. I think it was some weird reaction to the tannins maybe, honestly I don't know but it was not cool. It served one good function, and that was to remind me that college was not ALL good. I had been really missing the old times this week because of the lovely spring weather that always takes me back but when I woke up Saturday and felt just fine and snuggled with my cuties all day without the thought of finals, I was happily rooted in the present. Who'd have thought wine would do that?

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