Monday, February 21, 2011

Out of Sight Out of Mind

"Mom- there's something wrong with my toe"
I have heard this same sentence with various nouns substituted for toe at least a hundred times in recent memory. When you are three years old, the dramatic comes easy and there are never any shortages of bumps and bruises to complain about. In fact, it is amazing that most little boys grow up with their toes still attached with the way they fearlessly conquer their tiny universe- he falls a LOT- he whines quite enough as well but when he says the SAME sentence over and over, it might be time to check into his complaint. It is easy to glance over his body at bathttime and make sure everything is in working order, but some of those spots aren't as easy to see- like the stinky dark crevices between his toes. It is this excuse that I (the good "doctor" momma) use for missing that my little athlete has athletes foot!!!! Bad mommy! My poor man has three crusty, peely, nasty sport toes on one foot. Apparently I need to wash between his toes a little more often so that FUNGAL LESIONS are spotted a little sooner. Anyway- I am sure it won't be the last time and it can't be too bad since he bathes with baby sister several times a week and she is fungus-free (as far as my keen observation skills can spot). Knowing is half the battle and acknowledging his complaint is probably more important than the cure, but for now his yucky little outbreak is swathed in raw garlic oil in hopes of clearing it up without 'tough acting tinactin' or something of the harsh variety. By tonight he might just have fungus-free stinky garlic toes...... and a new larger pair of tennis shoes!
Happily On The Road To Fungus-Free

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Jo said...

FYI- the garlic worked really well!!