Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quiet Support

Sometimes we experience little moments that remind us that we are not alone, in more ways than one. It has NOT been easy lately- I feel like maybe my son is leaving the last half of his threatening third year in a giant blaze of tantrum glory. It is my hope that he miraculously wakes on his birthday as a sweet civilized and socially aware little man, but right now I just pray for a little daily peace. Several times this morning I asked for patience and guidance out loud, or just for a sign that I am doing okay. And then I randomly came across a St. Ann medal. She happens to be the patron saint of mothers, so this gave me significant pause but what was really amazing is that I truly don’t know where it came from. So thank you for the sign—I guess I am doing okay.



judejo said...

i love it when those things happen...rosemary found a miraculous medal of Mary and gave it to grama right before my surgery...she had no idea where it came from either!

Michelle said...

Love it when we receive those special gifts...I enjoy your blog, you're a hoot.

Jo said...

oh thank you michelle- that's so nice to hear!