Monday, July 25, 2011

Magic Moments- SuperMomma Birthday Edition

So we just got back from a trip (more on THAT brand of madness later) and I have a bunch of moments I could focus on for today, but then I received an email from my mom. The message simply said "for your blog" and this was the attachment:
         Please note the stellar picture composition, the fish gazing hungrily out of the bowl and the biggest piece of shit cake ever to be baked... ever
THIS ladies and gentlemen, is an angel food cake, "baked" in a UNGREASED non-angel food cake bundt pan after overflowing into my mom's clean oven. It was baked by the very talented me, who incidentally is a pretty darn good cooker (as my son calls me). Baking is clearly not my strong suit.

Saturday was my mom's 22nd birthday :) She is the best momma ever! Thoughtful and understanding with a sense of humor to boot, she is one of the strongest, most patient and pleasantly scatterbrained people I know and this junk is all I gave her because the stupid Birthday present store didn't have what I wanted for her- but don't fret mom- it IS coming!!

We were able to be in town for her big day and me being the sweet daughter I am, dropped my kids off for her to babysit while I ran around with some college friends..... I know, right? Terrible but a super fun night begging for a blog post- I digress. So since I bailed on her and left her with my crazies and a bunk bundt, the least I can do is give her a big ole blog shout out.
So here goes ::cracks knuckles::

My mom, Judy, is kinda like a best friend, but it is more than that because no matter what, she doesn't ever pick at my faults or share my feelings with others, even when friends might. (She simply knows better, because I probably picked up most of my crazy from her ;) Anyway, because she is awesome, sometimes she gets the shaft- sometimes I feel that I have to put her and her feelings after others because she understands, because she knows she is my number one. And even though that is life, that is also kinda unacceptable.
There was a time when her body tried to leave me, actually a bunch of times in a row. Maybe she realized that we needed her too much, or that I was way too cool to ditch, or maybe incredible heroic medicine and the good Lord intervened- probably all of the above. The point is, her amazing spirit won out and she is still here with me to share my joys and listen to my rants and wipe my tears. And that is a great great thing because no one quite understands both your pain and your triumphs like your mother.
I pray that eventually I can grow to be the type of mother she is. She has surely led by example but I feel a little behind on this learning curve, especially in the patience department.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! I love you so much more than that sorry excuse for a cake implies.

PS- I blame your DNA for the baking skills ;)


judejo said...

You are my greatest masterpiece JJ!

Jo said...

oh momma!