Thursday, August 4, 2011

excuse me while i chew my arm off!

i am hungry.
not that this morning's gritty vitamin infused smoothie didn't feed my belly..... it did. not that i didn't actually love the huge green salad i ate for lunch.... i really did. i am just hungry for "other" things. it is day two of a twenty one day detox/cleanse/purification (pick your awesome sounding adjective) program! i know- insert collective groan!
why are we detoxing you ask?? because we have been eating like crap and the world is a dirty dirty chemical laden place. anyway, i know there are haters out there making fun of us but whatever, i have wanted to do this for a very long time, but had a child attached to an umbilical cord OR a boob since July of 2009 so......

to celebrate getting my body back to myself, i am going ahead and pissing it off a little bit.
and it. is. MAD!
my stomach is growling at me like a bad intruder and my headache is telling me she that is not in the mood so i should take my frisky business elsewhere. i just took a lovely little nap with N (thank you summer vacation) and i literally DREAMED of a demon fountain coke. sad.

but see- that is precisely why i need to do this, because i don't have room in this body for coke and yucky stuff. i have not been feeling well- sluggish and achy and so "standard process" you better help fix me! big shoes to fill for a little box of supplements and a great big box full of powdered vitamin nastiness- at least it gets mixed with fruit.

the eating part is actually not too bad. since it is summer, so much is available. I think it is mostly in my head- I know i can't have certain things so I totally want them. You know, very exotic things like a piece of chicken or some Parmesan cheese..... but these shakes can bite me.

anyway, the blogging could be a positive thing to help keep me accountable, as if my husband dramatically falling face-first on the couch with an "I'm so hungry" whined into the pillows is not enough. i would feel such guilt that a bite of cottage cheese is simply not worth it! i will keep you posted, but for now i am off to blend up my second (protein and supplements trying to hide in some fruit) shake of the day. Maybe I can close my eyes and pretend it's ice cream- i have always had a good imagination!

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Daily Mom said...

Yikes, this sounds like torture! I would tell you what I had for lunch, but you might jump through this screen and kill me :)

Good Luck with the detox!!!!