Thursday, September 1, 2011

meanwhile lucifer is learning how to knit

what the? it is freaking september already although i'm fairly sure that mother nature didn't get the memo- seriously, it was 104 degrees today.
one hundred and four!
hotter than hell.
if satan takes an earthen vacation, he is gonna need a sweater when he goes home.

anyway, it is september and suddenly things are all crazy on me. i am working daily again outside the home- not full-time everyday, but still in some capacity. i was starting to think that i couldn't function in the working world again (that is a post for another day) but alas i think i am going to make it- i MIGHT even like it. but ask me again when i can actually go outside without bursting into flames. right now a paycheck is a darn good reason to stay indoors in the air conditioning!

today was one of those days full of unexpectedness. the random and ultimate crockpot dinner fail that i came home to was the last in a string of unusual happenings. i had two new anatomy classes start up today and i must have lost my game over the summer because (gasp) i am not sure they thought i was funny... i have worn big girl shoes for two days in a row- after a summer of flip flops, this is as significant as college peeps not finding me entertaining! AND i found out that my sweet husband arranged a night away for us to celebrate our anniversary- BIG news!!!!!
like i said, all unusual.

and then at 5:30 this evening, i picked up my little man from the learning center.
he didn't have any crazy allergy meltdowns or anything and the meanish, nice daycare lady SMILED at me and was kinda.... not meanish! i actually felt like she was genuinely happy to be speaking to me today...
so maybe hell is actually freezing over- and i think the air conditioner is too.
This quote is an example of Pinterest Brilliance- check it

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