Saturday, February 4, 2012

could've done without that

oh this week.
this past week has truly been one of the worst weeks ever. i am choosing to not get into it here for many reasons but believe me when i say it was full of bad news and drama and i hope to never go through what we went through ever again.
the chances of it all happening once were so very low that i can't see how the universe would bring it on again but tonight i saw quite a coincidence so it would probably wise if i never thought of it all again.
today has been better. much much better. but i am so metally exhausted that i can hardly be present for these beautiful kiddos when they are pulling and pushing me in all directions and it makes me feel like a horrible momma. all i want to do is lay around and watch tv or play on the computer but of course, that is not how i can roll.
these kids are friends for maybe six hours a week so whenever they want to play together i am completely excited and try to get as much done as i can until they decide to go all linebacker on each other and the perfection cracks. this evening was one of those rare moments and they were using their fun time to run in circles around the house giggling.
Suddenly there is hacking. They are both getting over a cold.
Then there is wretching. Damn, my hands are covered in food so I do a quick wash and turn around as N comes in all red and leaning over the tile floor coughing. He is my puker. He pukes if he coughs, when he cries too hard, if he gets something stuck in his throat. I have probably cleaned up 750 piles of puke in the four years since he colored my world (in fact, his sheets were simultaneously being washed from being puked on) and it sucks every time.
But wait- the wretching and hacking are still going and I am looking at N who is done. How random that A is in the other room throwing up at the EXACT SAME TIME. It was gastrointestinal anarchy! Both kids yacking up identical and concurrent puke piles in separate rooms. Talk about a coincidence...

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