Monday, February 13, 2012

Magic Moments Monday--- where has this tradition gone??

The air is crisp against our waxy skin, hands painfully cold in the wind and we are smiling. Running, giggling (eventually whining) in the winter sunshine. You've got to scoop up the days like this when you can because the weather forecast is bleak and spring will not be springing for awhile.

The Museum of Transportation is dead in the winter. There were three other cars in the entire parking lot and it couldn't have been better. Well unless it was that empty and 70 degrees and someone was paying us to play amongst the trains. That would probably have been better.

 I haven't Magic Moment Mondayed in quite awhile and I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm bringing it back. Yes. I think I am. Just remind me next Monday, mmkay?

Me- Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes (see above): Target // Jacket and Pullover: North Face //
Sunglasses: Inspired Shades (D&G fantasticness)
PS- N is rocking Yo Gabba Gabba Vans ftw ;)
A fashion post this is not. It is winter and we were outside so the attire is what it is. But we did step out so I am linking up (an eensy bit late) with The Haps because I'd really like to make it a habit. Put that on my reminder list too please and thank you...

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Alicia said...

Every time I see that photo of A sitting by the train tracks I think for a second that she lost her legs. Just thought I would share. Looks like you all had fun!