Sunday, February 26, 2012

steppin out sunday: thank goodness there is sunshine on the horizon edition

the Lord has heard my prayer. happy weather day today :) it was GLORIOUS outside today with sunshine and warmth and little raining happy faces. our little day out was determined before we made it out of our pajamas. i am a bit ashamed to say that our churchgoing has taken a hit because ohmygosh the maniac children don't sit still for even one reading and really ramp it up for the dance party that is a worship song. i am still cringing from last time. but anyway- we will try again soon and i will try not to run down the aisle with the wine. so today (obviously) we didn't make it.

in unrelated news, i have really been craving a cheeseburger. couple that with the random bout of piss-me-royally-off-because-i-was-sick-last-weekend-too PUKING all friday night and i am sure my facebook family thinks we are expecting a new little bean. i think not. so anyway, my sexy husband drove me to Red Robin Yum, straightaway today and we had some luscious slabs of greasy beautifulness and bottomless steak fries. It should tide me over a few weeks through the usual poultry diet until my next beef attack.

so happy :) and they didn't even eat the guacamole bacon burger like meeeeee

and then we went to the park. an amazing gem of a park, complete with working animal farm, 4 ponds, walking trails and a playground straight from preschool fantasy world. A was absolutely freaking out with the horsies and cows and piggies oh my. she was jabbering up a storm with brilliant baby phrases. N was hopping from animal to stranger asking 14 zillion questions and claiming the chickens were speaking a foreign language, which of course they were. it was tops.

and THEN folks. then we stopped for S&J's and the day was complete. this place serves nothing but shaved ice and custard, including a deliciously genius concoction of both that really might be able to negotiate world peace. what the world needs now, is not love, but a large cup of grape shaved ice and creamy custard, topped with whipped cream. the end.

passed out!

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