Saturday, February 11, 2012

paging my rich and long lost relative!

i guess i can sorta maybe admit that i might on occasion when absolutely unavoidable spend too much money... can you sense the reluctant admittance. that is the first step to all self-help programs, right? simply admitting a problem- i am nearly there.
gifts- overdone.
stuff- overdone.
groceries- i can coupon my tail off but still... overdone.  
even if i try and try to NOT buy, i am a sucker for buying, especially clearance/sale items and even if i am on a spending freeze, my smart little psyche tends to talk itself into needing instead of wanting.

case in point: exhibit A- cute little boho flats from Target that i absolutely had to buy because Thursday brought the great shoe debacle of February 12'

but they were darling- cheap- and look startlingly like the new Toms ballet flats. they didn't give a spare pair to a child though so naturally that means i HAVE to purchase an actual pair of Toms ballet flats. crazy how it all works, you know? my mind i mean. side note: have you seen the new "Bobs" shoes? same idea as the not-for-profit Toms, only they are totally for profit for Sketchers... i just can't get on board, maybe if they had picked a more obvious copy-cat name like Zoms or something. anyway, i had made a very poor shoe choice on that faithful thursday morning. actually it was a poor thrifted and adorable boot choice (now i now why they were in that thrift store to begin with) and when my bloodied and cramping feet limped into Target for a few items they whimpered to my eager ears that they couldn't stand and lecture for another three hours that evening without forcing me to dissolve into tears in front of a bunch of college kids who already think i am a loon. so the new shoes were purchased and have joined the ranks with the other happy shoes in my life.

exhibit B- me (yes i took this picture right now sitting at the computer). sad, sad me without a thing to wear tonight.

if it was not our once monthly "broke weekend" i would be running right out to look for something new. we have to go to a banquet with one of my husband's athletes tonight but i would like to be a little festive since it is almost valentines day and all and this is probably the closest we will get to a romantic rendezvous. but i'm not running- i'm still sitting because i am almost sorta peaking my head out of the spend too much money closet. but i might stay in here because i like the shoes and there is plenty of space for more. i'll let you know, right after i stop perusing the internet for sales.

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