Monday, May 23, 2011

Are there swarms of cicadas in the end of the world scenario????

Don't some people call them locusts??
Whatever your preference, they are on my list-
I am sooooo over this cicada hatch!! I have always hated them- one of my earliest memories is standing on the deck at my grandma's house afraid to go down the stairs because a giant bug was standing there leering at me with its big beady orange eyes and hissing..... freaking scary if you are 4 (or 31, whatever).

We basically live on a cicada farm right now, they are all over my kids playhouse, the trees, the foundation and I can only assume crawling throughout the entire yard :(

A few weeks ago we noticed a bunch of tiny holes in the dirt around our trees and N thought it was pretty cool when I explained how the bugs live underground and come up and shed their shell- blah, blah blah. It was still cool when we started seeing the occasional shell stuck on a leaf.

Now- NOT COOL- go away scary bugs.

This morning we tried to walk to the babysitter's house and after rolling the stroller through several yards of bug carnage/dive bombing insects, we gave up. I know they are harmless, but there is something apocalyptic disheartening about a fat bug that screams at you when you walk by!


RaRa said...

I love cicadas! I think they're so cool. I have not seen or heard any so far this year in NY. Cavan even kept a pet cicada last year and would carry it around for months (even after it died!)

Jo said...

yuck and yuck :)