Sunday, May 15, 2011

please stop climbing on the furniture, mommy is on vacation today....

I find myself (exhausted) at the end of another epic week.
I guess technically, Sunday is the beginning of the week, but I just can't assign that role to any day but Monday (woooomp woooomp).
I am sitting here, trying to caffeinate myself enough to truly start the day but it is taking awhile- maybe an IV line would be better! Me and the crazies kiddos are with my parents this weekend and it has been a very full but very nice visit. Nothing says home like laying on the couch and letting your momma take care of you.... except maybe laying there letting her take care of your kids :)
My mom is AWESOME by the way.
A was just sitting in her highchair eating the breakfast that my mom made and then she was done/ready to get out. Sorry A I am not parenting today, you are on your own! Do you ever feel this way? How great would it be to just take a day off. I do appreciate that my kids are on a decent schedule but 6:30 every. single. day?? On the button, 6:30 is nursing time followed by getting up. I don't like 6:30. I prefer 9:30ish, even 10:30ish.... oh well. 6:30 came quick too, what with being punched in my face 80 times by a sleeping N. A's shrill morning call for boob was like an alarm clock- where is the damn off button?!?!

It doesn't settle down either. In the time taken to write this post, I have pulled A out of the tiny space between the fridge and the counter, forced N out of the pantry where he was trying to get a 9 am candy "snack", changed a diaper, and planned the rest of the day. Or at least my mom did while i was watching ;)

Happy Sunday all- enjoy the "end" of your week before the madness of a new one begins!


Mariah said...

I thought Sunday was a day for rest! It doesn't happen around here either!!

I'm stopping by from this week's Super Stalker Sunday hop! Thanks for participating! I hope you'll join us again next week!
Mariah, FormulaMom

Kortney said...

Hi!! I'm already following but I just wanted to stop by and say "thanks!" for linking up to SSS this week!

I know it can be hectic when they are little but my mom tells me all the time to enjoy them while they are young because they grow up fast! {*tear*} That's hard to understand I must admit while you are standing there looking at the house be tore down around you while you are trying to hold back tears and keep from pulling your hair out! I know... I've been there!

It will get better!

winterbabe98 said...

New blog follower via GFC, Barb, via the Stalker Sunday following event! Stop by my blog:

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Jessi said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from the SSS. I know what you mean about the caffeine IV, someone should invent it!

I hope you had a great weekend. Can't wait to read more in the future! :)

Marni's Organized Mess said...

This sounds like my week. I think it has something to do with my slowing down on actual blogging. I can't seem to find the time or energy to settle my thoughts into writing a REAL post!

Thanks for linking up on my Super STALKER Sunday! I can't believe the response we have gotten again this week! :D

I hope you won't be a stranger and come back next week, or even just mid week and say hello! : ) I post lots of other great things like recipes, tackles, and rambles (oh my!).

I also should mention that I have a FANTASTIC Blog Hop Directory that has at least a dozen blogs listed for every day of the week. No kidding! Come and check it out! : )

Mama on a Green Mission said...

Thanks so much for linking up to our Super Stalker Sunday hop! We hope you'll come back again for more "stalking" this Sunday! I'm now following you on GFC! Have a great day!

April @ Mama on a Green Mission

...tales from the darkside of the laundrybasket said...

Love this! My 6.5 year old slept in on Saturday...about 7:30 my hubs said, "should we wake him up?" My response was, "are you high, this is the first time this has happened in 6.5 years!!!! Let him be!" ...if only all of them would sleep in until 8:15 everyday!

Anonymous said...

I so remember those days and wish I could get them back again - my kiddos are 27 and 30. Bigger kids - bigger problems - that is so not an old wives saying - darn!!!! Following you here from Super Stalker Sunday and now your newest GFC follower. Read your about me - your a chiro? - I am familiar - my cranky old back nearly went out (again) this morning but I'm thinking it was just a threat LOL Two advil later and some resting and I'm calling it's bluff : D

Hope you can stopy by to say hello at for Buzz By Sunday. Have a wonderful Sunday!