Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mini Memoir- Let's Play

The following is a response to a prompt from "red dress club"

With every spin of the little green wheel, potential is unleashed.
Click click click click click click—what’s it gonna be?
4 spaces, maybe 6??
It lands and the first step of my life is chosen for me, if only that were the case sometimes. I move the little car complete with a pink stick figure “me”.  I have no arms.Interesting since I would tend to put arms in the important category. The game of life has put me in University where I will study long and hard until my next turn and emerge a doctor. Wait, am I a college student in a station wagon??

2 spaces. A husband- was it an option to not marry?? That I do not recall. A handsome man in a striking shade of blue joins me in my car and we drive off into the sunset. Along the way we hit some setbacks and make some great advances in our careers. We win the lottery, our house is struck by lightning. What can you do? Just keep spinning...

1 space. 5 spaces. We pick up a few children and our station wagon is comfortably full. I don’t think the kids ever move out but we don’t seem to care. 2 spaces forward just to land on square that directs us 3 spaces back. Now I see how true to life is that simple span of cardboard. So competitive are all the players, wanting each of their lives to be smoother. Be better. Be… faster??
4 spaces to retirement and happily ever after- the game of life.

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