Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Still Coupon Crazed.... No seriously, I am crazed

So it wan't just a phase- I am STILL couponing-- I will pause here for your applause------------- :)

Okay, it is a lot of work and of course I am no pro, but I am actually learning things, like where to shop with my coupons that are for 45 cents or less because they get doubled and that you have to pay attention the entire time- to labels, to mismarked products, to the checkout process... oh yeah, and to your children.
Leave your kids at home. The reasons are obvious- you have to pay attention and you just can't if your toddler is repeatedly trying to stand up in the seat and babbling at you and your preschooler is squashing all your groceries in the basket and asking for extra purchases every two seconds. One other thing I have learned is that Walgreens is both an expensive store and uber-cheap store depending on what you are buying and when. Today, I had a bit of spare time and so I popped into Walgreens. I had $4 in store credit from last time I went (when I got my favorite shampoo for FREE after a rebate plus got store credit for its purchase... sweet, right?) and some great coupons that I was planning on using on top of advertised store sales. Long story short, between coupons and sales, I spent $31 and saved $28.... that is a good deal my friends- 60 dollars worth of groceries for 1/2 price :) love it.
Except here is where the crazy comes in- I noticed while looking at my receipt that the Baked Tostitos that were supposed to be on sale for 2.99 cost 3.99 instead- I would have gotten the non-baked variety had I known. PLUS the baked kind weren't included in the "buy tostitos and salsa and get free redbox rental" deal..... so I was actually mad that had the chips been properly labeled, I would have reached for a different bag and saved another 2 dollars..... I am crazy. I couldn't stop thinking about the damn two dollars! I have never couponed until now and would never have known- I wonder how much the evil stores have taken from me over the years??
I am only one quarter serious :)
Anyway, like I said, crazed. And of course I will be going back to Walgreens again (dirty thieves)- I earned more store credit today.....


Mariah said...

I want to get into couponing so bad, but I just struggle every time. I do look for coupons I know I will use, like for items I buy every week.

I'm stopping by from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop! Thanks for participating and I'm looking forward to "stalking" you!
Mariah, FormulaMom

my3littlebirds said...

Hey there, it's me from My3LittleBirds. I wanted to let you know that you have word verification enabled on your blog, and since you asked I thought I'd let you know! You can go to settings and then to comments (I think I'm remembering correctly) and unclick it if you want to turn it off. : )

Jo said...

hahahaha thanks! i just de-captched ;)