Tuesday, May 10, 2011

happy birthday blah blah blah

today is my birthday. i LOVE birthdays- any holiday really but so far i am not a huge fan of today.

it has not been the greatest of days and honestly i don't see it getting too terribly better. my husband is out of town with the baseball gods again (can't wait till the season ends next week), we are in our "broke week" (the last few days before payday) and i am now IN my thirties, not thirty but thirty one.

i know age is just a number and in realtity i probably still look about 18 years old, at least that is what my college students, colleagues, and patients tell me, but i know things that they don't---- like what my skin looks like under my miracle mineral powder and in general, what i look like naked.

for some reason, i noticed just how bad breastfeeding has zapped my boobs- how have i missed this?!?! it crept in slowly and now my girls are sitting lowly (ha- my attempt at humor today). of course i would NEVER take it back and i am still nursing A and i am sure we have more future babies out there. when the next one comes, i am fairly sure i will be able to nurse them while in the front seat of the car- and he or she in the back...... a sad day for one who had "porn star" boobs according to my college girlfriends. oh those were the days ;) thirty was far away, i had a much narrower midsection, my boobs were much higher and i had plenty of time to take care of myself.

the one thing i did not have was facebook and that is about the only thing that is making today partly sunny. so thank you facebook friends for all the birthday wishes. my body is crap and my attitude worse, but at least i have lots of things posted on my wall! now back to work, it may be my birthday but it is still a regular day.


Alicia said...

We've had our share of birthdays that ain't what they cracked up to be. Ask Bernie about his last one. If we lived closer I would put my vomit prone children in the car and bring you a cake. Cake makes everything better, especially body image. Here is your pretend cake.Its a make believe cake so you pick the flavor. I hope your children give you lots of smiles today.

Jo said...

hahaha- thanks for the pretend cake :) it was fat free and GREAT for my midsection. you and your little pukers are welcome anytime!

judejo said...

the last good birthday i had was when i got nolan as a birthday gift!

Stephanie said...

At least you still have your sense of humor! :)

Happy belated birthday! I can totally relate on the boob thing (tho no one ever said mine were porn star-esque).

Agree with the above, have some cake & hopefully it will get better.


The Scott's Crib said...

Hi Jo, Happy Birthday! Found you via Marni's Organized Mess Blog Hop. Can't wait to read the rest of your blog! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Following from super stalker Saturday!


Cheryl said...

Well, Happy Birthday! You are lucky you are only 31 . . . I am a decade older than you! (but I still feel like I am 18) I am your newest "follower". :)

Nikki said...

Happy Belated Birthday, I'm sorry it was such a rough day for you. Celebrate it for real when your husband gets home and payday comes around. I'm a new follower from the Super Stalker hop!


Thoughts from Her said...

Stopping by from Super Stalker Sunday...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I read a bunch of your posts just now and I really love your writing (and the post-tantrum photos were the BEST!)


melody-mae said...

happy belated birthday! I am new here from the saturday stalker hop:)

Kim said...

LOVE your sense of humor and girl you've got serious writing skillz! I agree - age is just a number. I'm 41 and just had a baby - talk about the girls showing their age! I'm here from SSS and I'm your newest follower. Pop over for a visit if you'd like and be sure to enter my giveaway.

heather said...

Well, Happy Birthday and thank you for coming to my site!!

Jo said...

thank you for the kind words!! can't wait to come check out all your blogs.

i find it interesting that even though we age physically, we are very much the same people we were in college (maybe even high school).
i like to think that when i'm driving down the road at 80 years old, i will still turn up the radio and dance to the "oldies" like salt-n-pepa-- "what a man what a man what man what a mighty good man- a mighty mighty good man" ;)