Thursday, June 2, 2011


A friend recently joked about her "Mom Diet" as a means for weight loss. It basically consists of eating whatever your children don't throughout the day.... Is there a leftover scrap of bread? Well then you have breakfast :) Since she is also mom to THREE babies just over a year old, I imagine that is about all she has time for!! I only have one (plus my maniac) and that is pretty much what I do as well. I am not losing weight, but I am not gaining it either so I find it effective.

I often blog ( ) about how to use up leftovers because I hate to waste but wow- my babies LOVE to waste. The key is to stop dinner once the morsels start to fly off the tray, which my dog does not appreciate but is effective for less clean-up as well as mom diet cuisine. If you factor that in with what needs used in the fridge and what gets turned into a toy throughout the day (see below), you truly have a lot to choose from. If I ate the following in any large quantity, I would be immense, but I only eat a few bites of each. Here is today's diet: scrambled eggs, wheat toast, crackers, milk, beans, peach/pear puree, plain yogurt, peach/pear puree in plain yogurt, freeze dried peas, banana, pizza, baby carrots, baked potato, cheese, pork tenderloin and a coke (that one was fortunately only me). I didn't make real dinner tonight because my husband is gone, but I already feel satisfied and haven't even had dessert tossed off the tray yet.

Note: As a medical professional I must be careful about what I recommend, lest it be taken as advice. For the record, I am (mostly) joking here and I do not believe that the mom diet is balanced or a good idea- you really shouldn't drink soda either. But we do what we gotta do- at least our kids are healthy.
N talking on his banana...... my afternoon snack :/


Alicia said...

We are starting a movement! Your little man looks at least 4 here.

judejo said...

OMG...The memories that brings up...I actually did loose weight, but my leftovers were not as yummy...Now there is no such thing as leftovers with little brother home from the army ;)