Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moody Me

I am in A MOOD.
I loathe moods and yet here I sit, scowling at the screen, knowing I need to write a post both for my sanity and because I have not written all week... but I don't have to like it.

When these moods creep in, there is little I can do but just wait for it to pass and hope that I don't go all mommy dearest on the babies. She tried to come out a few times today, but I beat her back down. Besides, if I am acting crazy and angry, I can't pull off the angsty, circa 1996 mopeyness that I do so well (just tried to spellcheck that word to no avail- blogger doesn't think angsty mopeyness exists- oh but it does blogger- oh but it does).

These moods make me all shades of guilty for not wanting to "look at him" for the thousandth time as he throws a crumpled piece of paper in the air, for being mad at her for getting into the dog's water again, for bailing on dinner dishes and leaving the pile for my husband.... All shades. My house feels a wreck, my head feels tired and I just want to cry. I am mad for not being a good "me"!

I have not been a good mommy today.
I have not been a good wife.
I sure as hell have not been a good homemaker.
Angst I've got--- I guess I was a good teenager today.

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Vivian said...

Found your blog through the blog hop. Really really like are real! Following :) and so that you know I'm with you..I've been a good teenager not only today but all week...(sigh)