Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things I learned in a restroom stall: Part Deaux (literally)

Potty training is a hot topic. In some circles, it seems to be a mark of good parenting- if your 1 year old is 'going' on the potty, you must be an exceptional momma- really in tune to your child or something. However, I have also heard from plenty to NOT push it (pun intended)- how when they are truly ready, there is no training involved.
I chose method 2, mostly because I did not feel like following my kid around asking if he had to pee for two years and visiting every public restroom in the greater St Louis area.
Because don't kid yourself, that is what potty training is about- your little one just having to drop one in Kohls, Whole Foods, Chilis.... you name it, we've pooped there.

Diapers were easier. If N had an urge to pee during the commute, he just peed, I did not have to hear about it. I did not have to remember the closest clean restroom to every intersection. I did not have to have an argument over using the potty before we left the house. Let merephrase, diapers are easier in a different way- undies are surely cheaper, cleaner and better for the environment but diapers are easier in terms of parenting.

Nolan will be four years old at the end of next month and has been successfully potty trained for about 6 months. He was a late bloomer- we introduced the big boy potty several times but he had NO interest. Literally one day he just sat down and went and never went back to diapers- effortless and weird. However, the first month of visiting every restroom in town sucked. This practice has evolved- now he has learned that he can use the poop or pee excuse to his advantage. If he "really has to go" mom will stop somewhere, right?? In the past, yes, but yesterday- WRONG- I (internally) dared him to poop his pants because I was not stopping. We went through the drive through at the bank, which is right next to McDonalds and he asked for a smoothie which was denied. Suddenly he had to use the restroom and I figured, correctly that he just wanted to go into McDonalds. I said if he really had to go, we would go home and do it there and he said that he didn't really have to go.... Soooo hopefully I am not setting him up for a lifetime of home-bound bowel movements, but for the time being, I am gonna keep calling his bluff. Score one for mom.

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Danielle said...

Haven't initiated pottying training with any of my three...they all just started when they were ready. first one at 2yrs11months. then at 21 months and now at 18 months. I think they second and third are easier because they want to do EVERYTHING the older is doing. :)

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A Gracious Home said...

I have two granddaughters. One is potty trained and one is not. I think the size of children's bladders have a lot to do with how early they are trained and whether they wet the bed or not. We still put pull ups on all our young grands at night. A new follower from Super Stalker Sunday.

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Amy said...

I can usually tell if my son REALLY has to poop. He gets a weird look on his face. LOL

Amy @ A Little Nosh

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Denise McD said...

My daughter uses the excuse all the time too! errrr lol

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