Monday, June 20, 2011

what did i do all day you ask??

when my alarm went off at 5:30, i must say i was not as cheery as i could have been.
i was pretty tired because it was a monday and i was coming off the weekend schedule of.... wait no.... there is no real "weekend" mom schedule. the whopping extra hour of sleep does not even fake my body into thinking i am well-rested. so while dads get to sleep in because they works so hard all week long, moms get up early- i guess it is punishment for getting to stay home all week with insane little mutants that wake with the sun but i digress. actually with it being father's day- they totally deserved to sleep in yesterday!

so i was super happy to be awake. the up-side is that i did get a shower and an entire hour to myself. since i am teaching for a couple hours each morning this summer, i actually get to get ready and look something other than exhausted- this equates to having real shoes and make-up on though one of my students told me i looked like i was sick today, so that brought my self-esteem down a bit- i had left the house feeling a solid 4/10 on the hotness scale.

i arrived home child-free because mondays are my "patient days" the one day of the week when the kids go to daycare so that i can make people feel better. well it turns out, i am damn good at my job. i have a very very small practice (by choice) and wouldn't you know it.... all my patients feel good and don't need me very often. is there such a thing as being too good? maybe-- because i have an empty schedule. but wait- i am not upset because that means i have SIX HOURS TO MYSELF.... seriously did you hear that? SIX FREAKING QUIETLY BLISSFUL HOURS!!!!! my mood improved significantly. one should not be this excited to do housework and grocery shop--- i used to be cool. and maybe a 6/10

anyway as i was saying, i am alone and so i cram as much into these days as humanly possible and i glance at the clock about every 15 minutes and do the math as to how much longer i have until i retrieve the kiddos. in case you are wondering, i now have about 1 hour and 37 minutes remaining- i have been to the grocery store and bank, vacuumed the upstairs, cleaned ours and our childrens' rooms,  sorted the mail, started dinner, picked up the downstairs, put laundry away and updated my facebook status (only once). i guarantee the first thing my husband will wonder when he gets home is how i had time to spend the entire day on facebook and not get the dishes done... but bless his heart, he will not ask. i think my days without my children are busier than the other 6 during the week and though they are also less stressful and quiet, i probably don't smile as much (on the outside- on the inside i am salsa dancing)


Jo said...

ps- my husband did spend three hours on HIS father's day cleaning out MY car so thank you honey--- i know you work hard too ;)

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

he sounds like my saturdays! hubby takes kids to softplay and i have 2hours to do 87hours cleaning and laundry! lovely to say hi fro the reddressclub linkup x

Mel said...

Hee hee! This is the story of parents - cramming everything you can into the time when you can! Love it! Also, hilarious hotness rating!