Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who says crafting is hard??

It's a ten second project. How much could go wrong? ;)

Is that a trick question you ask? Of course it is.
Besides being cute, easy and festive, these little ghosts are a perfect example of how NOTHING is too user friendly when the monsters kiddos are involved!

Steps Involved:
1- Remove pants to decrease chances of paint accident (socks come off too obviously)
2- Paint thin layer of white paint on Thing 1's foot. Simultaneously ward off Thing 2 as she tries to plunge into paint. Retrieve her as she slips on the poster board that she is stomping on.
3- Pick up painted child and place foot firmly on paper- remind him not to slide it all the way across the poster board giving the appearance of a ghost smear. Stop unofficially painted child as she grabs the paintbrush and heads across the room.
4- Reprimand painted child as he WALKS ACROSS THE FLOOR. Remind self that although painted one is four years old, his reasoning skills are not quite there yet
4- Pick up posterboard and place on counter so it is "safe" while cleaning paint off the foot and floor
5- Breathe
6- Repeat foot painting, stamping and with second child. Note that she is remarkably easier to wield into the sink and that reasoning skills notwithstanding, Thing 1 is growing much much too fast
7- Dip q-tip into blue paint (because naturally my blue-eyed children would have blue-eyed ghosts)and demonstrate how to put eyes on the ghosts.
8- Hand q-tip to N who sneezes it onto the carpet with perfect timing. Blue paint 1 Carpet 0
9- Breathe Harder. Swear under my breath
10- Clean carpet. Wonder where Thing 2 went pantless
11- Watch as N successfully makes eyes (and arms?? a few of our ghosts had extra dots)
12- Praise excessively for a clean job well done.

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