Monday, October 31, 2011

the baseball title means two whole days acting like immature kids!

St. Louis is not JUST the number one crime ridden city in America... and honestly that isn't fair-- just depends on the neighborhood. most of the area is hubcap friendly and mug-free and if you are really nervous about it, you are totally allowed to conceal and carry ;) anyway, not just that, but also the greatest baseball city anywhere! and this weekend we are a little crazy! if you didn't hear (which i seriously cannot even fathom), our cardinals just made one HELL of a comeback and won a little tournament called the World Freaking Series!!
My husband is a very small fan. In fact, he might leave me if Adam Wainwright would have him....

The last game got pushed to Friday because of a rain out earlier in the week and that was just fine because then we could actually go out like big kids and be festive with the drinking of spirits and such. It was not quite as heart stopping as the game the night before and we were also a tad worn down from staying up so late watching said game and then dragging ourselves to work the next day BUT it was still a great game- and who cares how it all went down- they won the World Freaking Series!
Side Note: I think it interesting that even though you can shout obscenities at a large tv screen in the presence of others and still appear completely mature, if you skip out on work the next day because you are oh so sleepy, that is frowned upon.... adulthood, hmmph.

So then after all that excitement, the boys got to have a super parade downtown today and we being idiots superfans thought they would miss our smiling mugs if they weren't there. We opted to ride the Metro down because we figured parking would be ridiculous, though we have never done this before in the history of the world. And now after experiencing the insanity that is Metro to and from insanity of a Cardinals World Freaking Series Parade, I can't for the life of me figure out why people don't just drive the damn car like we usually do- there is no way all those 14 zillion people were experiencing it for the first time. We have used it for other purposes, but I will never do that again for anything stadium related.

Once we finally got there, it was pretty fun, though you must be one who counts sitting on your husband's non-cheerleader shoulders in a cloud of smoke watching players roll by about 15 rows of people in front of you a fun afternoon. of course I live for that brand of adventure. I also like run-on sentences.
About 3 seconds later he said "I think I just herniated a disc"

In all seriousness though, we had a good time together this afternoon and are super super excited to claim the World Freaking Series champions as our own for the second time since we've been married. Also, our first child was conceived shortly after they won last time so I guess we better watch it lest we get another babe for summer and let the charismatic one win! And tomorrow is more excitement with Halloween- as if you don't know that. A will probably want to dress up as a Cardinal but I am sure he would much rather take home his teacher salary than be a World Freaking Series Champion in real life.... besides he couldn't carry me on his shoulders if he were actually IN the parade.

My camera decided to be a moody teenager about 5 minutes before King Albert rolled by. It is cranky when low on batteries as it should be, but it pulled together for a few more shots. His wife back there is totally spending his 20 quadrillion dollar contract for the next 40 years in StL in her head- look at her telling me to back off her man ;) Just kidding- I am sure she is a lovely person, but I am sure she has better shoes than me so I can't help but joke at her expense (pun intended)!!

We kept waiting for a child to come crashing down on our heads- they are not our kids folks!!

Thank you StL for being so awesome!

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