Monday, October 10, 2011

Ten on Ten: 10.10.11

Today was a lovely "office" day. I saw some patients, cleaned some house and then gave a biology lecture this evening. I prefer more kids in my day, but these alone days are pretty necessary too ;) I'm linking up to ten on ten today with A Bit of Sunshine. You should too!

One photo an hour for ten hours...

Snapshots of my day:

1= TV as a babysitter so I can make breakfast
2= N's pumpkin masterpiece
3= Triumphing over the clip that I got in her hair (it stayed about 4 minutes)
4= My new orange mums
5= Snacktime
6= My office buddy
7= Summer is still hanging on in the details
8= Other office buddies that are much less loveable
9= Patients mean that I need to wear shoes in my house
10= Sky on the way to class


Brooke said...

What a fun FALL 10!
I love the pumpkin art and the cute shoes ;D

Kim said...

Love the pictures of your daughter and her clip. Cool angle. Love your healthy foods too.

RaRa said...

Love the shoes + great shot of the mums!

Eli said...

fun pics - LOVE the cute shoes!