Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Write on Edge: Conjure


Streaming through the tall stained glass, the light left incandescent impressions on the blue carpet.
I could not have planned for that light.
It bathed us in halos like the heavenly figures painted meticulously on the domed ceiling.
I saw it later in snapshots of ethereal stillness.
In that moment, I saw only his eyes.
How they glinted off of such a tiny promise of forever.

(this was written as a prompt from Write On Edge. the task was to conjure a place/experience/memory/etc but not say what it was- i am linking up to their weekly Remembered link-up)


angela said...

This is so beautifully peaceful. I wanted to be in that room, experiencing it with you.

judejo said...

I was have a gift for writing JJ...can't wait to read your first book!