Monday, October 24, 2011

a non-political but anatomical debate

this morning i was smothering my little munchkin with kisses. she LOVES kisses!
just tosses her face back and lets you devour her chubby little cheeks!
i hope someday she is not so fond of kisses from boys ;)
anyway i was giggling and smooching and suddenly caught a whiff of... "baby" smell. she hasn't smelled like baby in quite awhile and that is all it took for my uterus to shout at me!
does it want a baby again??
i am thinking that my brain does not... but that uterus is a leader- she has charisma! what if she recruits my heart to the cause? my heart is a yes girl... she hates the word no.
if my heart and uterus both say yes, my brain will likely lose. it's two to one.
my overwhlemed brain- she has issues. but she knows better, doesn't she??

1 comment:

RaRa said...

I know the feeling! There is just so much love to go around, how can you not want more:)