Wednesday, December 14, 2011

eat 3 pounds of this and call me in the morning

today is a real day off!! well, not totally because i do have a patient later but it's a friend and i might not even change out of my yoga pants. we are that classy around here. two more days of finals but this is a GRAND hiatus with all my grades done and submitted thus far.

and i am more or less over my weight gain freak out, which is evidenced by the glorious caramel corn that is rolling out of my kitchen this afternoon. but it doesn't matter even if i still wanted to be skinny because popcorn is healthy :) ignore the TWO STICKS of butter in each batch. it is spread over an entire batch anyway and it's not like i have ever sat and ate an entire batch in one day.
only 3/4 of a batch...
i realize that is about as solid of an argument as making cookies with whole wheat flour and pretending they aren't still cookies. i own that approach though so my brain acknowledges it as truth.

i am planning on posting the recipe although it is kinda a family trade secret so i feel strangely strange about it like i am the dog in the busch's baked beans commercial. i'll have to keep the run cake recipe a secret though- anything that is a dessert and a drink all in one could take down countries or something and we all know that i am already an enemy of the state mansion and its clock occupants.

this is a rambler, isn't it? anyway- i am just happy to have a little breathing room today and the thought that i can Christmas my tail off in two more days makes me almost giddy... or it could be the caramel corn sugar. either or, i'll take it.

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