Monday, December 12, 2011

hmmm... unexpected or maybe a little bit expected

i awoke today with the grandest of sweet plans. no work until the PM and two weeks out (seriously people two weeks) from the Christmas calls for some cookie engineering.

and then i stepped on the damn scale!!! it has been AWHILE. and i could blame it on those silly little fluctuating female hormones or on my children who probably broke the scale... i did start out at the 100 mark instead of 0 because it would have taken too long to scroll all the way around to fix it. but let's take a moment to acknowledge that i did just yesterday admit to knocking over a giant clock.
with my ass. i had left that part out.

hmmmm. so baking jumped right off the day's agenda and we can pretend like it won't mysteriously appear somewhere else on this week's schedule. the oven is going to get used though, i made a lentil loaf... because it will taste like caramel corn. or maybe because it is meatless monday and i have a rear stuffed with random pounds that showed up on the scale.

sooooo, the moral of the story is do not weigh yourself before you bake.

incidentally you should also not weigh yourself after you bake... unless it's a lentil loaf

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