Sunday, December 11, 2011

the post that concerns the entire bi-state area

i have crazy blog envy. or maybe blogger envy. idk. all i know is that i can't get myself to do it (the bloggy blogging) man!
i am reading amazing, happy, super-excited-that-it-is-the-Christmas season blogs. and though i AM actually super-excited-that-it-is-the-Christmas season, i just can't seem to sit down and form any happy little blog posts.
i just need to get through the next week.
i think.
i KEEP saying that. please baby Jesus let it be the case.

it is not that i have no material, honestly i do- you're looking at THE girl who knocked over an enormous grandfather clock in the middle of a freaking holiday concert at the governor's mansion... and yes i heard about it from everyone in the bi-state area... and yes as soon as i did it i thought what a fantastical blog post i just paved the way for. but so far i haven't written a thing about it.
maybe next week.

this week i am buried in grading and prepping and rescheduling patients around madness. my kids are all amped up on holiday cheer and hot chocolate and i can hardly keep up. we have been BAD, very bad about going to church lately and when i pictured my church-going self chucking a very squirmy and squealy toddler off the balcony in the middle of mass today i remembered why... at least i would have been close to the confessional.

i'm not sure why i felt compelled to share that piece of insanity (maybe you can all pray for me or send me positive vibes or do whatever it is that will help me) but that is the current state of my mind. and i better get it together soon because the governor's secret service guys have got their eyes on me!!

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