Sunday, December 4, 2011


i had the most bizarre feeling all day today.
i just felt... wrong.
i didn't feel any real sense of purpose other than feeding my children. though they still have full bellies, they are also still in their pajamas and it seems pointless to change now with bedtime on the horizon.

i kept frowning, wondering... what was wrong with me and suddenly i had a smashing revelation.


i have not felt bored since i was 17 years old.
although that is surely an exaggeration, it has been quite some time.
one more week till finals and Christmas break and i may FINALLY be figuring out how to balance all the madness.
except none of our 18 loads of laundry are folded- but they are clean so that is balance enough... at least for a woman in the same sweatpants as yesterday.

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