Tuesday, December 13, 2011

i need to keep those appendages

in the true spirit of continued self-deprecation, i feel inclined to mention that today's sweater makes me look about 40 pounds heavier than i actually am. however, it is also the only thing in my closet that makes me feel warm enough to avoid losing fingers and toes.

so thank you sweater for your warmth... and added poundage.
Sweater: Kohls; Belt/Striped Top: Target

i also don't match- but whatever. it is the third to last day of work for awhile so i am not caring very much. at least not enough to prevent putting a picture of me online in non-matching, non-flattering work attire. it's your fault- i just figured i had to give you a visual.

regardless, thank you sweater for your warmth.

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