Saturday, July 14, 2012

the AAP recommends that you read about what the AAP recommends

today during a perusal of the interwebz, i checked my facebook feed as i often do and saw a post from a blog that i frequent with a carseat giveaway. first off, awesome- she is giving her readers a chance to win a car seat! a britax no less.
along with the headline was a picture of an oldish looking toddler in the very acceptable rear-facing position with her legs crossed up indian style if i am being un-pc, which i am. i don't know if you've heard, but this is okay. recommended even.
and yet, of course... the FIRST comment was "isn't that child a little old to be sitting rear facing with her legs all squashed up like that?" i literally said that as nasally and whiny as i could while i typed it.
the answer to that comment is "shut the hell up".  period.
of course no one said that but someone should have. what was listed by 16 zillion commenters was how the american academy of pediatrics recommends blah blah blah...
as a teacher, i will list this as multiple choice. was this woman A) wrong B) living under a rock C) a drama queen D) all of the above. the answer is arbitrary. what you choose to do with your own children is not really my business.
the point to this rant is WHY, why, why, why, why do moms find it so necessary to poke their noses into everyone's business? in this case, she wasn't trying to be helpful- she was just being snide.
and what is funnier is that the blogger probably picked that picture to open up discussion on rear-facing car seats (she is in fact, a health professional who talks about that sort of thing) because she KNEW that some lady would have to be all judgy mcjudgersons on her facebook page.
oh mommas we are all so predictable.
can we please stop??

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